24 July, 2012

2nd place. IPIS Got Talent


a few weeks ago, there have been held an English's Week. for those who are working with goverment, especially teachers are very common with these thing. usually, in a year, there will be have "Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita's Week", "Mathematic's Week" and etc. same goes to Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPG) that will be produce a degree teachers for all school in Malaysia. it is made for us to be prepare with school environment that will be faced after graduate. 

for this English's Week, i had participate in IPIS Got Talent Competition. Sounds like American@Britain Got Talent isn't it? yup, the idea are surely comes from there. =)
Alhamdulillah, i have been selected to go for final. i sing "The Power of Love"'s song by Celine Dion i went to Final and i got 2nd Place for this competition. Alhamdulillah.

what are people usually think when we participate singing competition? seek for popularity? wanna be famous? from unknown, to be known?
but that all wasn't my intention. why I join this singing competition just to challenge myself to be in front of the people. to be honest, i had lost myself when i went to IPG with no reason. i don't know why. I am wasn't like this when i was studying at MRSM, Convent and even tho when i went to PLKN. so, i grab this chance and dont listen to others. because others might be wanna see you fall. I rise myself, not for popularity, NOT to be known or faymes. but, to be a GOOD Teacher. InsyaAllah. ^__^ 

GengMerahMakNgah:KauMampu? my friends, they are also my classmate and my housemate. thanx for the support! 
up there : NadNadz,DayangZiera,Jeyna,Eqaira,CatreezKathy
not in the Picture : Sabrina, Asma',Huda&Miza

mucha Gracias for support me frens! Love ya!

p/s : i hope, you'll not yell "Oh My English!" to this entry. ya i know, my engliSh wasn't that good enuff. but, i do learn and i dont mind to learn from my mistake ^__^


Ara Aryana said...

wahhh!! finally u got it!congrates babe! 2nd place is doesnt matter..as long as u kept urself out of box as u did b4! yeayy go babe go ^^

eqaira said...

yeah baby! you know me well! thanx for the first experience to sing front of people, that we sing together at Jamuan Raya *besar-besaran kot!" at Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang! -____-" hahahaha

Ara Aryana said...

hehehe...xley blah la mase mtrx tu! siyesly seriau bile pikir blk...hahahaha...entah caner la kite ley end up camtu kan!well dear..i know u desrve it! ^^

eqaira said...

ko la. ko la penyebabnya.. memaksa terus! hahahaha... but, its sweet moment for both of us kaaannn... ^__^

Maher Zack said...

Perghh..perghh..perghh... kamon..kembalikan kegarangan ko yg ko pernah ada dulu...ak blum nmpak lagi..muahaha..

eqaira said...

hahaha.. apekah kegarangan?? @__@