15 January, 2014

Falling in Love with Sabah


Its been A Year Since the my last post
Many Wonderful and Great Things happened
My Single Status changed to Married
done with the study as a Student
Alhamdulillah. Im really Thanked to Allah for what HE gives. #blessed

Dont know what will happen in this year. However it is, everyone MUST have a plan. Plan that doesn't tell you that it will succeed, but at least you are trying to build a better life for yourself and also for your family.

Its the 15 days of January. So far, im living good here. Even tho im far away from family, Alhamdulillah... my Husband and My Family-In-Law treat me so good here. I admit, it is not easy to adapt with this new environment. Things here are quite different ; the language, the weather, the way of life, the food, the road, the view and also the people itself. Im almost 1 Month here, still i dont have the courage to walk myself even to go to groceries near. i had try people. 

i do HAD try. My Hubby went to his football game and i asked him to drop me at 1Borneo (1B). I'm ALONE. and what happened? i go to nowhere except to The BookStore, To GiantMarket, To Daiso and To Toy'R'Us. Honestly speaking, yeah, im scared. Im scared with this certain people that I obviously dont know what race are they. Im not being racist, but everyone do know there are many race in Sabah. and sometimes, i dont understand what they are talking about. *krikk..krikk..*

But, no matter hard it is. Im still can say that im falling in love with Sabah. Im the type who's love adventure much. Naaa.. I just need time to adapt with things here. I love My New Family, I Love The Weather and Im Soo In Love With View. Subhanallah.. Sometimes, i do cry. Im not sad. I Cry because, i see nature, the clouds, the sea.. so beautiful. Subhanallah... Allah AllMighty.

Photo by Hubby. I Love it ^__^
Now, im waiting for a Job. Oh, im Jobless YoungWoman. Im Waiting A Call from Ministry of Education. I hope, i get the school nearby to our new house. InShaaAllah... Ameen. [please pray for me ya]. I dont wanna live far from hubby. I already experienced that for almost 3 month. ='( May Allah ease everything for me, for us.

And InShaaAllah, i hope... there gonna be newMembers of the D34N3Q4's family in 2015. Aiyaya? why 2015? why not 2014? actually, we are wait for my convocation and also for work. huhuhu... but IF Allah let we have a baby in this belly before May... Alhamdulillah... It just our a plan so far...however...Allah plans are more more great than ours. Isnt it?

I hope all the spiders go away with this entry =P
I love Sabah....... dean...... eih? 

09 November, 2012



here comes the video. ^__^"

this is the video that i perform for Merdeka's CountDown Night at UKM.
i forgot the lyrics dan lari tempo! omai..!! ~malu~
however, this first experience can be the good start of something. isnt it?

26 September, 2012

there's always a rainbow after the rain ♥

Whatever your cross, whatever your pain,
there will always be sunshine, after the rain.
Perhaps you may stumble, perhaps even fall,
But Allah’s always ready, To answer your call.
He knows every heartache, sees every tear,
Your sorrows may linger, throughout the night,
But suddenly vanish, in dawn’s early light.
Whatever your cross, whatever your pain,
Allah always sends rainbows after the rain. InsyaAllah
p/s : Alhamdulillah.. tolonglah jangan merajuk lagi wahai pemilik hati. sengsara dik non~ =____="
setelah 4 hari. aigoo~

07 September, 2012

my babyBoy ♥


eh? ape baby boy baby boy neh? eeuuwww~ cam geli je kan? hahaha. yup, faris pun mesti geli. hahaha.. sebelum eqa share video eqa nyanyi kat ukm haritu, i would like to present you my third lil bro. adik yg paling rajen, yg paling boleh diharap, dan yg paling rapat..
dan yg paling manja jugak. hehehe. bertuahla sape dapat jd gegirl die.. almaklumlah, skang single.. tp, faris ni mmg best! ^__^ heee~
enjoy da video naaa.. =)

eqa tak dapat lagi vdeo and gambar dr pemilikkameraDsLR. =P
so, nanti ea..