24 January, 2012

Be a Man ^___^


here's a thing that i wanna share with you guys
Be a Man
Dont approach HER
Approach he WALI

------------the Heart Story------------

I remember about the first time i'm gonna meet him. it's all happen at his place, Sabah. but i'm not come there by myself. can I it call as a fate? because.....

suddenly, one of my classmate got a call from IPG Keningau while we having a class. they were asking about our plan to Sabah. yup, we had plan the trip on 2010, but not Sabah. Sabah was in our second plan. first plan was Indonesia. and we should had been to Pulau Tioman if not because of the Tsunami happened in Japan. after we got that call, tickets are available. we have to find sponsors and doing all thing that should been done in just about 2 or 3 weeks

10 april 2011, we met. 
with my father's permission after he call him
I can't tell you, how I feel at that time. 
I can't describe it. so much feeling, mixed feeling
Alhamdulillah. I felt grateful. 
I never thought that me and him would meet each other
we are separated by the South China Sea
talk, walk, snap!, talk, walk, talk, walk
we just spend only for 6 hours together T____T

if i'm not mistaken, about 3 or 4 month after, my father have some work with his friends at Sabah. what a coincidence huh? i told him about it and he said, okay and he will call my father. did this guy dont have a scared feeling? my father is a Counselor but usually, my boyfriends are scared to come to my house, or met my father. >__<"
He's a Counselor. Fierce but Kind-Hearted.
Not Easy to win his Heart
one day before my father come home. they meet! he dont even tell me that he had call my father and fetch my father with his friend go to place around KK. i'm really worried at that time. he didnt even pick up my phone during that time! but everything went well. they are having a good time. i knew it when he answer my call while driving and i hear my father's voice behind him, in car. proud of him. yes, I do plan for them to meet each other. in the other hand, I want my Japan's souvenier from him. =)

and last month, he come to my house
meet me and my family
don't misunderstand, he come by himself okay

what happen? I will tell you the story, someday
insyaAllah, if God give wills for me to do so

22 January, 2012


your thankful
finally the little dark heart
doesn't sing any song anymore
hey you! does the little dark heart still there?
your answer, 
"i don't know, when you talk about that 'something' something,
 i doesn't feel anything"
now you believe on what you feel, don't you?
the girl that you used to know, the memory
keepin' and throwin'
you said that its was too late
no longer wanna remember all the 'sort of thing'
it doesnt important anymore
and move on continue happy life with 
the girl that you meet by destiny and have took your heart with
the one who always make you happy but sometimes dizzy
the one who accept you as you are
and knows how to thankful for what have God give
everyone have their own plan in life
same goes to you
planning to make it realistic than keep it in the plastic
did you wishing for a miracle?
better not
because pray to God is the best way that you should do
than waiting without doing anything
miracle can happen. everyone knows that
keep on for what you believin' and be patient
have a faith and never loose hope
because God knows what good for you and your future
with God's will
the miracle will come to you

the unexpected girl is there for you
she always there, whenever you need her
standing right around you
you will never gonna falls
because she always holding your arm
tightly to her

"Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
 Love the people who treats you right & forget the ones who don't. 
Believe that everything happens for a reason. 
If you had a chance ; take it.
 If it changes your life ; let it. 
Nobody said life would be so easy, they just promised it would be worth it"