09 January, 2011

complicated heart

the past
the love that had been blown away
waiting and hoping
that she would come back someday
waiting and hoping
that she would know how much you love her
she had once become the most important person in your life
tenderly love her with no reason
sincerely love her because of who she is
why are you still waiting?
she had move on with her new life
forget about you, forget about what you had been through together
still, you are waiting for her
even though it seems like a waste
even though you wanna have a new life with the new one
but it seems like the little heart won't let it
why? why she still there?
what for? why can't she let you go?
or it was you that don't wanna let her go?
oh! you confuse and become more confuse now
as there had come a new love
love that come uninvited
secretly the new girl stole your heart
weird that you let her in
the seed of love grew in every second
day by day it becomes more stronger than you thought
but still, the little dark heart won't let you love the new girl completely
she's still there with love before

the new girl...
she still there, waiting for you
will always be by your side whenever you need her
she believe in God
she believe in destiny
what ever happen comes with a reason
she will be, just ok ^_^

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